RateBox  3.0
PaperPlaneTools Namespace Reference


class  Alert
 Cross-platform alert dialog. Support title, message, 3 buttons More...
class  AlertAndroid
class  AlertAndroidAdapter
class  AlertAndroidOptions
class  AlertButton
 Holds button's title and handler More...
class  AlertIOS
 Implements native iOS alert More...
class  AlertIOSAdapter
class  AlertIOSButton
 Helper class to hold buttons in PaperPlaneTools.AlertIOS.buttons More...
class  AlertIOSOptions
class  AlertManager
 AlertManager implemnts a queue for alerts. More...
class  AlertMonoBehaviour
 This class is used to catch events from iOS and Android native alerts More...
class  AlertUnityAdapter
class  AlertUnityUIAdapter
interface  IAlertPlatformAdapter
 An interface that connect PaperPlaneTools.Alert with particular alert implimentation. If you want to support (or change behaviour) on any platform (IOS, Android, Mac etc), you shold imlement PaperPlaneTools.IAlertPlatformAdapter and set PaperPlaneTools.AlertManager.Instance.AlertFactory or PaperPlaneTools.Alert.SetAdapter More...
class  RateBox
 RateBox asset main class More...
class  RateBoxConditions
class  RateBoxPrefabScript
class  RateBoxStatistics
class  RateBoxTextSettings